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How to bounce back from a bad job interview

Bad job interviews happen, it’s a fact of life.

While sometimes we’re responsible, there are always other factors we can’t control that contribute to a job interview going badly. What we can control though, is how we respond to failure.

Follow these 4 steps to bounce back and get ready to ace your next job interview:

1. Take time to reflect

Firstly, you should try to honestly assess your performance and pinpoint what went wrong. Could you have prepared better? Could you have given better answers to the questions? Could you have done more research about the company? Or were you just really nervous?

It’s important to take stock and reflect so you can start working on how to improve for your next job interview.

2. Ask for feedback

Now that you’ve taken the time to reflect on your performance, you could reach out to the interviewer or recruitment consultant representing you for feedback.

They should be able to let you know why they felt the interview didn’t go well, and their feedback might not be as harsh or personal as you first anticipated. We’re often our own biggest critics!

You could also use this opportunity to clear up any confusion caused by any of your answers and let your interviewer know about any circumstances that were out of your control which you felt affected your performance.

You never know, they may reconsider or at least give you another chance in the future.

3. Learn from the experience

Turn your negative experience into a positive lesson and focus on how you can improve next time.

Make a plan, how can you avoid repeating any mistakes and what additional preparation can you do next time to feel more confident? Could you have done more research on the company? Would taking some examples of your best work have helped you sell yourself better?

4. Get back out there

Now you’ve taken the time to reflect on your bad job interview experience, gathered valuable feedback and learned from it, it’s time to get back out there and start applying again.

You’re in a much stronger position now than you were before your bad interview; with a new-found awareness of how you can improve for next time, and better-suited positions waiting for you.

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